The Goodnewspaper

The Goodnewspaper is the print newspaper designed to leave you feeling more hopeful and better equipped to do more good

A person smiles while holding the Goodnewspaper: a colorful print newspaper filled with good news

Mister Rogers once said: When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

The Goodnewspaper looks for the helpers and helps you become a helper yourself.

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What's inside the Goodnewspaper?

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Get a new Goodnewspaper every month — plus more subscriber-only benefits
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Goodnewspaper print and not digital?

In our fast-paced world, bad news sticks to our brains easier than good news. (It’s called an internal negativity bias.) But print slows you down so the good can actually sink in.

Plus, each issue includes art you can hang on your wall and it feels really good to be able to tangibly gift good news to a friend who needs some.

(Also, Good Good Good Subscribers get access to all digital editions of the Goodnewspaper as well — and you can even just subscribe to the digital edition if you prefer.)

A person poses with the Goodnewspaper, surrounded by green plants

What’s inside the Goodnewspaper?

Each issue is filled with dozens of good news stories. And at the bottom of each good news story you’ll also find action steps on how you can make the biggest difference with the issues you care about.

On top of that, every issue has a free centerfold poster featuring an inspiring quote illustrated by a guest illustrator (like Morgan Harper Nichols, Danielle Coke, Steffi Lynn, and more).

Plus, we like to include some kind of good fun like a good crossword, comics, or recipes.

What kind of topics does the Goodnewspaper cover?

The Goodnewspaper is focused on celebrating all sorts of good news. Many issues have themes — like The Sustainability Edition, The Mental Health Edition, The Veterans Edition, The Refugees Edition, and The Animals Edition. Others have more general themes with a variety of diverse stories.

No matter what, each issue will include a diverse range of good news stories from around the world — highlighting the people, ideas, and movements shaping the world for the better.

The Art Edition of the Goodnewspaper, surrounded by art supplies

Is the Goodnewspaper printed on recycled paper? 

Yes! Not only that: Good Good Good is Climate Neutral Certified, which means we have measured, reduced, and offset our entire carbon footprint.

The Goodnewspaper is printed in the USA on recycled paper with soy-based inks. We also donate 1% of all sales to environmental nonprofits, certified by 1% for the Planet.

When you've finished enjoying your Goodnewspaper, we encourage you to please share it with a friend, creatively re-use it, or recycle it.

Goodnewspaper reads: Protect the Planet & Its People - with logos for 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral

What’s the Goodnewspaper's agenda?

The Goodnewspaper is non-partisan, not affiliated with any particular faith, and is created independent of any outside influence.

Our agenda is to leave readers feeling more hopeful and better equipped to do good.

How do I get the Goodnewspaper?

The best way to get the Goodnewspaper is to become a Good Good Good Neighbor. You’ll get a new Goodnewspaper mailed to you every month. Neighbors also get immediate access to all past Goodnewspapers’ digital editions.

In order to maximize sustainability, we only print a limited number of each issue. If there are a few extras, we sell them in our shop. The only way to guarantee you can get a Goodnewspaper is to become a subscriber.

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