Good News Resources

The best sites, apps, podcasts, and tools to help you find even more positive news

Hannah Ritchie stands on red stage in front of the red TED Talks logo

Hannah Ritchie of Our World in Data: On Good News & How To Make a Difference

In honor of the release of Hannah Ritchie’s TED Talk from TED 2023, we’re sharing our interview with her.
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Good News Websites

12 Best Good News Websites To Leave You More Hopeful

The absolute best (popular and lesser-known) websites to find positive news.
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Good News Subreddit on Reddit

Reddit Uplifting News: 8 Best Wholesome Subreddits

From news stories about human progress to inspiring personal accomplishments, these uplifting, wholesome, and positive subreddits will make you smile and give you hope for the future.
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Positive News FAQ

Positive News Sources: 18 Things You Should Know

We fancy ourselves as good news experts — and we compiled this list of some of the most common questions people have about good news.
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Folders of good news apps on an iPhone, including Squirrel News, Goodable, Good News Network, Good News 4 U, Uplifing News, Happy Daze, and more

9 Best Good News Apps to Keep You Informed & Inspired

While the app store is filled with positive news apps, many haven't been updated in years. Here's a breakdown of the best apps to leave you feeling more hopeful.
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Good News Quote Wallpaper: “Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!” — Anne Frank

23 Best Quotes About Good News

These quotes about good news remind us of the importance and power of good news. And they might even remind us that, in addition to celebrating good news, each of us has the power to become good news.
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