29 Best Eco-Friendly Products for Every Room in the House

Three eco-friendly products: Reusable paper towels, zero-waste toothpaste, and reusable stasher bags

At Good Good Good, we’re all about celebrating the good in the world — and then taking action to fill the world with more good.

While we can do that through volunteering in our communities, donating to nonprofits, advocating for governmental policies that help people, participating in mutual aid, etc — one simple way to make a difference is to be thoughtful about the products we buy.

We know we’re going to buy things — so why not vote with our dollar by only choosing to purchase products that are ethically made, in line with our values, and aren’t harmful to the planet. 

Every thoughtful purchasing decision means less money to bad companies and more money to good companies — plus you receive a product you can feel great about.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to get started with sustainable swaps — so we created this guide to help bring inspiration and ideas. Remember that the most sustainable thing you can do is to keep, repair, or repurpose what you already own before you buy something new. You can always bookmark this page so you can come back to it over time.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means we may get a commission for purchases made through these links — at no extra cost to you. As always, everything listed here is independently recommended by the Good Good Good team.

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Meet the Eco-Friendly Products Making Your Home and the Planet a Better Place:

For the kitchen —

Reusable Paper Towels

Once you switch to reusable paper towels, you’ll never want to go back. Wiping up spills and messes with single-use paper towels feels like throwing away money (and cutting down trees) — and it literally is. But as long as you have access to a washer and dryer, using reusable towels or rags is even more effective and affordable than their paper-based counterparts.

Roll of cloth towels on a paper towel roll
Unpaper Tower Roll / Photo courtesy of Marley's Monsters

We recommend:

Compost Bin

While you’d think that food that ends up in a landfill will naturally break down, uniquely, landfills are so compacted that it takes a long time to break down and when it does, it releases a significant amount of methane. 

That’s why composting is important: it turns your food scraps into something helpful for the planet. But what’s the best way to collect food scraps throughout the week without making your kitchen yucky?

OXO minimalist compost bin filled with food on a counter with food
OXO Easy-clean Compost Bin / Photo courtesy of OXO

We recommend:

Recycled Glassware

Glass is infinitely recyclable — and while we’re seeing more wine bottles, food packaging, and household glass containers being made with more recycled glass, we seldom see our actual drinking glasses made from recycled materials. Fortunately, a number of artisans are making beautiful, unique glassware you’ll love showing off.

Minimalist recycled drinking glasses
Our Place Drinking Glasses / Photo courtesy of Our Place

We recommend:

Explore our entire guide to the best recycled drinking glasses

Ziploc Bag Alternatives

One of the best ways to reduce food waste is to simply ensure you have functional food storage containers you’ll actually want to use. Bonus points if those containers are sustainable, as well.

Fridge full of different shaped silicone Stasher bags
Varying sizes of Stasher Bags / Photo courtesy of Stasher

We recommend:

Other Green Kitchenware

Once you begin making sustainable swaps in your kitchen, you’ll begin to see a million more ways to reduce waste. The biggest key is to think through how to buy high-quality items that will last a lifetime without needing to be replaced — and consider how products that will end up in landfills (like garbage bags themselves) can have a reduced negative impact.

Woman cooking with unique shaped cast iron
FINEX Cast Iron Skillet / Photo courtesy of Made Trade

We recommend:

For the bathroom —

Low-Waste Toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends swapping out your toothbrush every three to four months, but that doesn’t mean we have to send the whole toothbrush to a landfill. By swapping out your plastic brush for something more eco-friendly, you can make the planet happy while you make your dentist happy. (And it’s worth mentioning there are a number of eco-friendly electric toothbrushes these days, too!)

Bamboo toothbrushes that say Brush with Bamboo
Bamboo Toothbrushes / Photo courtesy of Brush with Bamboo

We recommend:

Zero Waste Toothpaste

Toothpaste tubes are notoriously hard to recycle (and nearly impossible to get all of the paste out of). In recent years, companies have created more sustainable alternatives. While they definitely will take time to get used to, these sustainable swaps help eliminate waste from your daily (hopefully twice a day!) routine. (These also make for a great sustainable stocking stuffer around the holidays)

Glass jar of toothpaste tablets
Toothpaste tablets / Photo courtesy of Bite

We recommend:

Zero Waste Shower Supplies

While 90% of packaging is recycled from our kitchens, a study found that only 50% is recycled from the bathroom. While one solution is to keep a small recycling bin in your bathroom and be intentional about changing those stats in your own home — another is more simple and more impactful. 

Instead of buying a series of plastic bottles for all your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and face washes, swap them out for zero-waste alternatives!

Round bars of soap laying together
Suds & Co. Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioner / Photo courtesy of Zero Waste Store

We recommend: 


Disposable razors are low quality, short-lasting, and live forever in landfills. By switching to a (beautiful!) reusable razor, you can save money and the planet — all while you get a better shave.

Gold razor with box of new blades and tin for disposing of old blades
Leaf Razor with a disposal tin and 50 new blades / Photo courtesy of Leaf

We recommend:

Recycled or Bamboo Toilet Paper

Box of toilet paper rolls wrapped in earth-themed art
Limited Edition Earth-themed Toilet Paper / Photo courtesy of Who Gives a Crap

It feels really weird to chop down trees specifically to… wipe our butts with. Fortunately, it’s easy, affordable, and kind of cool to shop for more sustainable toilet paper. If you can make this swap, you’re on a roll!

We recommend:

Bidet Converter Kit

According to Business Insider, a bidet uses only an eighth of a gallon of water — while it takes roughly 37 gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper. Even though many bidet users still use toilet paper to dry off, the amount of toilet paper necessary is significantly lower. Plus, bidets are more hygienic — and these days, super easy to install.

Tushy bidet installed on toilet
TUSHY Classic 3.0 / Photo courtesy of Tushy

We recommend:

For the bedroom —

Explore Good Good Good’s complete guide to eco-friendly bedroom products

Eco-Friendly Bed Frame

An average, wooden bed frame lasts 7-10 years and metal bed frames hold up for nearly 15 years. When you’re committing so much time to a (oftentimes expensive) product, it’s worth factoring the earth into your purchasing decision.

Eco friendly wooden bed frame in a modern bedroom
The Eco-friendly Afton Bed Frame by Savvy Rest / Photo courtesy of Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

We recommend:

​​→ Explore our entire guide to eco-friendly bed frames and peek at photos

Environmentally Safe Mattress

A lot of mattresses contain chemicals, fabrics, and components that are dangerous to the health of humans and the planet. While sustainable mattresses generally cost more than the basic mattresses you hear about in podcast ads, they’re worth considering for the sake of your well-being — and the well-being of mother nature. 

Awara mattress styled in a modern bedroom set
Awara's Natural Hybrid Mattress / Photo courtesy of Awara

We recommend:

Explore the Good Good Good guide to eco-friendly mattresses 

Sustainable Sheets & Bedding

A Bed with Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover in Forest Green
Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover by Sijo / Photo courtesy of Made Trade

If you’ve already been dreaming of new sheets that actually feel like luxury, spend a tiny bit more money on thoughtfully, sustainably made bedding that will actually last you a long time. You’ll be resting responsibly in no time.

We recommend:

Explore the Good Good Good guide to eco-friendly bedding

Sustainable Sex Stuff

Four different eco-friendly sex toys
Eva, Pom, Kip, and Fin Toys from Dame / Photo courtesy of Dame

Sex and intimacy brands can care about the environment too — and that extra care can go a long way in caring for the health of your body too. Whether you’re shopping for something new to try, or just want a sustainable swap for something you use all the time, these products have you covered… and feeling good in all the right ways.

We recommend:

Explore the Good Good Good guide to eco-friendly sex toys

Explore the Good Good Good guide to eco-friendly lube

Explore the Good Good Good guide to eco-friendly sex and intimacy products

Sustainable Rug

A colorful rug peeking out from under a bed
Caden Rug by Revival / Photo courtesy of Revival

A rug is another product that you don't buy very often, and when you do, you want to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment. You can intentionally choose to purchase a rug made from renewable materials, ethically made by expert artisans, and created to last a lifetime.

We recommend:

Explore the Good Good Good guide to sustainable rugs

For the living room — 

Eco-Friendly Candles

Candles are wonderful and there is no shortage of candle companies being thoughtful about using sustainable ingredients and thoughtful (often reusable) vessels. Next time you’re purchasing a candle, try factoring the environment with your scent and aesthetic choices, too. A little extra thoughtfulness with your next candle purchase can go a long way.

White refillable candle from Grow
Refillable candle vessel and refill from Grow Fragrance / Photo courtesy of Grow Fragrance

We recommend:

Explore our complete guide to the best sustainable candle companies worth shopping or gifting

Rechargeable Electric Lighter

There’s no need to rely on fuel-based lighters (or even matches) when we have access to incredible, long-lasting, rechargeable electric lighters. Use these fancy (but surprisingly inexpensive) tech lighters to light a candle, grill, or whatever else — just don’t buy another fossil-fuel-powered lighter again.

RONXS electric candle lighter with a bendable neck
RONXS Electric Candle Lighter / Photo courtesy of Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

We recommend:

You can also explore a number of our other recommendations (and learn more about the importance of electric lighters)

A Goodnewspaper

While this is a shameless plug, we really do think the Goodnewspaper is the perfect addition to any home. Each issue is filled to the brim with good news and arrives sustainably at your doorstep each month. The Goodnewspaper is printed on recycled paper using soy-based ink. We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet and we reduce and offset 100% of our carbon footprint, certified by Climate Neutral.

The Intersectional Environmentalist Edition of the Goodnewspaper
The Intersectional Environmentalist Edition of the Goodnewspaper / Photo courtesy of Kamrin Baker for Good Good Good

Subscribe to the Goodnewspaper today

For the laundry room —

Ecologically Friendly Detergent

Gone are the days of needing to buy a big plastic container of detergent to effectively wash your clothes. Pods, sheets, and concentrated laundry liquid cut back on waste, all while getting out stubborn stains and smells.

Box of laundry detergent pods that says "Powerful cleaning from nature" and "Dropps"
Laundry pods from Dropps / Photo courtesy of Dropps

We recommend:

Microplastic Filter

If you wear any clothes with synthetic materials, the process of washing them can shed plastic fibers into the wastewater — which end up making their way into fish and aquatic animals… and eventually back into humans. 

Fortunately, there are some simple, affordable options for ensuring you’re not part of the problem.

Guppyfriend laundry bag
GUPPYFRIEND Microplastic Filter Laundry Bag / Photo courtesy of GUPPYFRIEND

We recommend:

More Laundry Accessories

Laundry is bound to be a part of our lives, so why not make it fun and sustainable? Here are a few more ideas to make this chore lighter on your to-do list and the planet!

Bag for recycling clothing
For Days Take Back Bag for recycling clothes / Photo courtesy of For Days

We recommend:

For the office (or home office) —

Sustainable Standing Desk

If you’re finally ready to upgrade your work-from-home setup, make sure to keep the planet in mind as you make your purchase. There are a number of great options available, but we really recommend shopping with Fully — a B Corp that always keeps sustainability at the center of its products.

Wooden standing desk with shelf
Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk / Photo courtesy of Fully

We recommend:

Recycled and Paper-Free Stationery

Writing letters and thank you cards can make all the difference in personal and business relationships. And being extra thoughtful about the stationery you choose can make all the difference for the planet.

Eco-friendly stationery — card and envelope
Recycled Stationery / Photo courtesy of Minted

We recommend:

Refillable Pen

Most of us have probably owned hundreds of pens in our lifetime — only for them to somehow disappear at some point (or to run out of ink eventually). Usually, we lose pens because they’re not important enough to keep track of — but that habit can lead to a lot of waste over time. 

One solution is to swap out our low-quality pen purchases for one singular beautiful, special, refillable pen.

Fountain pen signing a paper
LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen / Photo courtesy of LAMY

We recommend:

Conscious Apps That Help the Environment

If you’re spending your whole workday online, you might as well turn your internet browsing into positive environmental impact. Fortunately, there are a number of web apps that do this… for free. homepage
Ecosia Search Engine / Screenshot of Ecosia website

We recommend:

Dive into our entire list of apps that make a difference

Outside the home —

Mini Greenhouse

While a mini greenhouse is definitely a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have, these easy-to-assemble habitats make it easy to grow more of your own food all year round. Plus, they’re cute!

Mockup of mini walk-in greenhouse in yard
Mini Walk-In Greenhouse / Photo courtesy of Nova Microdermabrasion

We recommend:

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

For those of us trying to be conscious about reducing the amount of plastic in our lives, it can feel weird to use a brand new plastic bag just to wrap dog poop in and immediately send it to a landfill to live forever. Fortunately, more sustainable options are available for lovers of dogs and the planet.

Cardboard cone for dog poop
Unique SCOOPEASY dog poop disposal / Photo courtesy of Package Free Shop

We recommend:

Learn more about compostable dog poop bags (and what you can and can’t do about them) as well as the history of greenwashing in the industry

More — 

Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Phone cases don’t last forever — so it’s worthwhile to be extra thoughtful about which ones we buy. Instead of a virgin plastic case that will live forever in a landfill, opt for something recycled or compostable.

Colorful phone case from Pela
Compostable phone cases from Pela / Photo courtesy of Pela

We recommend:

Sustainable & Ethical Watch

Thanks to our phones, watches have moved from functional tools we use to tell the time — to unique accessories that make a statement. Why shouldn’t that statement be centered around caring for people and the planet?

Solar powered minimalist watch
Solar Powered Watch from Solios / Photo courtesy of Solios

We recommend: 

 → Check out our complete guide to the best eco-friendly watches that give back

Consumable Gifts

Too many gifts end up as waste, but consumable gifts — gifts that can be used up one way or another — will never end up in a landfill. Think: food, drinks, soap, gift cards, candles, and even audiobook credits. They’re the perfect gift for minimalists, environmentalists, or the person who has everything.

Gift box of Brightland olive oils
Gift box of Brightland olive oil / Photo courtesy of Brightland

We recommend:

Check out our entire collection of the best consumable gifts

Amazon Alternatives 

Amazon is a great, accessible tool for making shopping simple — but its giant operations don’t come without an environmental impact. When you have the chance, consider shopping for select items on other platforms that center their values above their profits.

Screenshot of Made Trade website
Made Trade / Screenshot of Made Trade homepage

We recommend: 

Explore our collection of Amazon alternatives & online bookstores

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