9 Best Eco-Friendly Bed Frames For Better Rest (2023)

An eco-friendly bed frame made of wood, styled in a bedroom with plants

Buying furniture is no small feat, especially when that furniture is the foundation of your nightly rest. If you’re looking for a new bed frame, there’s no doubt you’ve got a whole to-do list. 

From measuring dimensions in your bedroom, the best support for your mattress, sticking to a budget, and trying to make an ethical, eco-friendly purchase, you might need to add Furniture Aficionado to your resume.

Never fret; we became experts so you don’t have to!

We are passionate about finding products that are good for you, good for your wallet, good for the people who make them, and good for the planet. Of course, shopping secondhand or recycled goods is the most sustainable way to go, but if you’re looking for something specific or want to buy a piece that will last you years, we want to help you out.

In fact, we recently just shared our favorite eco-friendly mattresses, sustainable bedding, eco-friendly pillows, eco-friendly mattress covers, eco-friendly weighted blankets, and even dog beds — and we know that having a smart sleeping setup is key to a good rest. Alongside this helpful guide to sustainable bed frames, you’ll be ready for the best sleep of your life. 

Before we get into it, let’s learn a little more about sustainability in the bed frame market.

By the way, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

What makes a bed frame eco-friendly?

Just like any eco-friendly product, the materials in a bed frame are what make it a sustainable purchase. Compared to other “fast furniture” retailers, companies that sell sustainably-made beds will use sturdier and safer materials, will source those materials thoughtfully, and will likely pay the people making them with higher wages and provide fairer working conditions. 

A bed frame that lasts longer without breaking ensures you don’t have to go out and buy a new one too soon. Spending a bit more on a high-quality piece now will help save you money (and support the planet) in the long run.

When shopping for an eco-friendly bed frame, it’s important to look for a few specific indicators: What the materials are and how they were sourced, special industry certifications, and how the company supports sustainability as a whole.

Many standard bed frames that are not eco-friendly are made from flimsy materials like engineered wood or manufactured plywood. It is very common for beds to be made with resins, varnishes, paints, stains, glues, and adhesives that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and acetone. 

These chemicals will slowly leak into the air over time, and that is no good for your health. And when that bed frame is discarded years later? It’s no good for the health of the planet, either. Additionally, many of these resins and adhesives are also created using energy-inefficient processes (we’re looking at you, crude oil industry). 

Therefore, it’s better for you and the planet when you shop bed frames made from natural, safe materials. Since most bed frames are made from wood, you can find out what kind of wood is utilized in manufacturing, as well as the kinds of stains or varnishes involved in the process. Look for little to no adhesives, too!

Eco-friendly bed frames are certified by trusted independent organizations that provide rigorous testing and regulations, such as Greenguard or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 

Our favorite sustainable bed frames for a good snooze

The brands you see listed here sent members of our team a bed frame to review for this article. (Our reviews are always honest. Receiving free products for testing never impacts our writing — and brands don’t get any influence on our editorial process.) We broke down our reviews based on the bed frame’s packaging, aesthetic, assembly, and quality to help you make the best decision for your body, your bedroom — and Mother Earth. 

Savvy Rest’s natural platform bed

Savvy Rest's Afton platform bed / Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

What’s good: Savvy Rest is a furniture company dedicated to values of sustainability and community, offering safe, natural, and comfortable products certified by independent third parties. The wood used in its bed frames are certified by the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, and the company as a whole is a member of Green America, is a certified B-corp, and donates to Carbon Fund, a non-profit committed to helping businesses and individuals reduce their climate impact. Savvy Rest is also an employee-owned company.

Savvy Rest's Afton platform bed / Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

Details: Johnathan received a full-size Afton platform bed with a walnut finish. This bed is hand-made in Virginia by skilled woodworkers, using maple wood for the base and poplar wood for the slats — and zero-VOC oils and stains. No tools are required in assembly, as the bed features loosely-spaced slats that lock into place and brackets made with solid steel. 

Savvy Rest's Afton platform bed / Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

Price: Starts at $999 for a Queen (Check current price + you can use the code GOOD20 for 20% off your order)

Johnathan’s Thoughts:

  • Packaging: The whole bed arrived in just two boxes that I was able to carry up two flights of stairs to my apartment alone (although, it was very heavy and I would recommend getting a friend to help). It was very organized and cushioned with rubber foam on the ends, so no corners or edges of the wood pieces were damaged in transit, even though some of the exterior of one cardboard box was starting to rip.
Packaging for Savvy Rest's Afton Platform Bed / Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good
  • Aesthetic: This bed has a perfect minimal look, and the wood stain (without any lacquers or varnishes) is even and matte. There is a ton of space underneath my bed now, which optically makes my room look larger. It is a super simple design, but it looks far from cheap. The excellent craftsmanship carries through to the overall aesthetic look and feel, and it looks really nice.
  • Assembly: This bed frame requires no tools to assemble, as everything has precut slots and hardware already inside it for an easy assembly. I was able to assemble it completely alone in a matter of 15 minutes. The horizontal mattress slats were slightly more difficult to slide into their notches, but I think that snugness is what makes the bed so sturdy.
  • Quality: All the pieces are solid wood, making it a very sturdy-feeling bed. Each piece of the bed fit together perfectly as they were intended to, and it’s very clear that Savvy Rest values craftsmanship and quality materials to elevate their design.
Savvy Rest's Afton platform bed / Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good
  • Other Notes: I have only ever owned bed frames from IKEA, and the system they use with the slats that the mattress sits on top of is pretty typical, but they slide and hit each other when you get on and off the bed. 

    With the Afton, since all the slats fit so perfectly and snug in their spots, and since the wood is solid and hefty, there is no noise at all when you get on or off the mattress. And that’s been such a small thing for me personally that’s made such a big difference.
Slats are locked into place on Savvy Rest's Afton Platform Bed / Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

→ Shop The Afton by Savvy Rest and use the code GOOD20 for 20% off

Floyd’s Adaptable Bed Frame

The adaptable Floyd Bed Frame
Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good

What’s good: In 2022, Floyd pledged to become a carbon neutral furniture brand, meaning your purchase will be zero net carbon emissions. Additionally, Floyd is committed to longevity, offering a resale program and adaptable elements to make already existing pieces last longer. This is ingrained in the design ethos of the company, which prioritizes accessibility and necessity over frills and waste. 

Lastly, Floyd shares a 5-part sustainability goal plan for 2025, including goals for gathering materials from renewable or recycled sources, minimizing packaging, and more. 

A fully made bed on the Floyd bed frame
Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good

Details: Floyd’s adaptable platform bed frame is a beautiful and utilitarian piece for any bedroom. It comes in Birch, Oak, and Walnut options and has the option to add or include a headboard and underbed storage components. You can also change the size of your bed frame if you were to get a larger mattress, and all you have to do is buy an expansion pack to do so. 

All bed frames are created with natural, renewable materials (like birch plywood, wood oak hardwood, or sustainably-sourced walnut veneer), meaning the natural variation and even the scent of real wood are key players in the experience of this furniture. All panels are certified to ensure extremely low adhesive emissions, and Floyd boasts great durability and strength. 

All bed supports are made from powder-coated steel from a series of 8 bends of a single piece of steel, reducing waste in production. Lastly, the bed system is completed with Nylon Ratchet Straps to secure panels without tools or screws

A fully made bed on the Floyd bed frame
Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good

Price: Starts at $1,075 for a Queen (Check current price)

Branden’s Thoughts:

  • Packaging: The Floyd bed frame is delivered in entirely cardboard/paper-based packaging. A great deal of attention went into the way everything arrives and it almost feels like unboxing an Apple product.
Front view of the Floyd bed frame
Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good
  • Aesthetic: I absolutely love the aesthetic of a minimalist platform bed — and Floyd was exactly what I was looking for. While the headboard is an optional add-on, I'm really glad I got it from an aesthetic and functional standpoint.
Red instruction manual for the Floyd bed frame
Floyd's Instruction Manual / Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good
  • Assembly: I found this bed frame to be incredibly easy to put together. To be honest, it kind of felt fun — like building something with legos. Plus, there are no screws, nails, etc involved. While the instruction booklet was helpful, I opted to watch their short “Setting up The Floyd Bed” video. Everything is really intuitive, with the only tricky thing being the strap and ratchet system.
View of under the Floyd bed frame and its strap and ratchet system
A view of under the Floyd bed, and its strap and ratchet system / Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good
  • Quality: I've found the quality to be fantastic. The bed doesn't shift or creak. The only sound I experienced was the straps pulling against the metal feet — but after a few days they settled into place and I no longer heard them flexing.

    I love that the frame is modular because it means that if one of the parts ever does fail, I can simply order a new part. I don't have to replace the whole system.

    The only thing to watch out for: Because the platform bed sticks out more than a traditional bed frame (and the pieces are meant to be visible), you're a bit more likely to bump into it, and over time the wood will likely get little dents and scuffs. It's not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.
Side view of Floyd bed frame with headboard
Photo by Branden Harvey for Good Good Good
  • Other Notes: I actually paid for this bed frame out of my own pocket. When we finally had to replace my bed frame of over 8 years, my partner and I were trying to decide which bed frame to commit to for the next 8+ years.

    We decided on Floyd's offering because of how adaptable it is. If we ever move to a bigger apartment, we'll be able to buy an additional wood panel to convert our queen-size bed into a king-size. If we ever decide to get a different bed frame, we can always remove one panel to convert this into a twin-size frame for a kid. And again, if some component of the frame ever breaks, we can just replace that part instead of the whole frame.

    The adaptability of this frame makes it a great financial investment and one of the most sustainable offerings on this list.

→ Shop The Bed Frame by Floyd 

Saatva’s Santorini platform bed frame

A gray bed frame with simple bedding sits in the middle of a room with a side table, teal curtains, and a plant. Light floods in from window on the right-hand side of the room.
Santorini Bed Frame from Saatva / Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

What’s good: Saatva is known for its eco-conscious mattresses, but of course, your mattress needs a place to rest, too! Established in 2010, Saatva was founded on the principle that everyone deserves healthy and restorative sleep in a quality bed.

Of course, this means that all products and materials must meet the highest health and environmental safety standards. Just like its mattresses, Saatva hand-delivers its bed frames and sets them up right inside the customer’s home with “white glove delivery,” ensuring a smooth installation and sleep experience from the start. 

Additionally, Saatva sources Fair Trade and certified organic materials, and plants trees with Evertreen, all while adhering to ethical labor standards. 

While Saatva carries a number of various eco-friendly bed frames, the Santorini is the one our team tested and reviewed!

Details: Jessica received the Santorini bed frame in the Natural Linen color. The frame is made with sustainably-sourced, kiln-dried hardwood and fully upholstered with eco-friendly linen made from natural flax fibers. 

Plywood slats have multiple support feet for added stability, and fortified bolts and brackets help keep the bed frame’s attachment points extra stable (let the monkeys jump on the bed!)

Price: Starts at $1,495 for a Queen (Check current price)

A gray bed frame with red plywood slats sits in the middle of a bedroom, sandwiched by two wooden night stands.
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

Jessica’s Thoughts:

  • Packaging: Since my Saatva bed frame was assembled by the delivery company, I wasn't able to see all of the packaging. From what I could tell, the packaging used minimal plastic, and I was very happy to have help with delivery and installation.
  • Aesthetic: This is my first upholstered bed frame and now I absolutely understand the hype! It instantly made our room feel cozier and more welcoming. It's amazing what a difference a bed frame can do in a space. The legs are also very minimal and sleek, while still seeming very sturdy and stable.
A black and gray dog sits in front of a bed
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good
  • Assembly: Saatva's (free) “White Glove Delivery & Setup” was such a pleasant surprise. When selecting the bed, I missed this featured service and it's a major benefit to opting for Saatva. The team was professional and promptly assembled the frame right in the bedroom.
  • Quality: All of the upholstery is in beautiful condition and appears like it will hold up well over time. The frame itself is very sturdy and we haven't had any issues with it feeling loose or wobbly.
A close-up of a leg on a grey bed frame
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good
  • Other Notes: The height of this frame is wonderful for ease of getting in and out of bed, but I didn't think about how it would impact our under bed storage. My previous bins don't fit underneath anymore, so I'm looking into alternative storage solutions. If you have a small space and utilize a lot under bed storage, definitely take this into consideration.

→ Shop The Santorini Bed Frame from Saatva

My Green Platform Bed

Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good

What’s good: My Green Mattress was founded as a company to provide people with a healthier, greener option for sleep. The company partners with 1% for the Planet to donate one percent of its total sales to environmental organizations working to create a healthier planet for all. In addition to certified green mattresses, the company creates sleep solutions that are Greenguard Gold certified and made with non-toxic materials.

Details: The My Green Platform Bed is made from untreated, sustainable American poplar wood and is free from wood stain, adhesives, and other toxic chemicals. The pieces are milled in Ohio and are packed and shipped to your home from the My Green Mattress factory. The bed’s slats are three inches apart and it sits eight inches off the floor to create consistent airflow for a deep, healthy sleep. 

Price: $549 for a Queen (Check current price)

Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good

Megan’s Thoughts:

  • Packaging: My Green Mattress uses impressively minimal packaging and materials to ship this bed frame. There was an outer box and just a few strips of plastic shrink wrap to hold the pieces together. Once the box was broken down, the amount of packaging waste was super minimal, and all except the bit of plastic wrapping (which could fit in one handful) was recyclable. 
A pile of cardboard packaging with a small amount of plastic
Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good
  • Aesthetic: The poplar wood used for this bed frame is perfect for a minimalist who lines a toned-down natural wood tone, so it mixes well if you have other tones or colors in the room. It doesn’t have a lot of knots and is a very neutral color (no funky undertones). This bed is very understated and really allows your bedding or decor to be the star of the show.
  • Assembly: Assembly is mostly done with an Allen wrench, with a few screws. The instructions said the screws could be driven in with just a screwdriver, but I’d recommend having a power drill on hand as they were extremely hard to screw in by hand. 
All of the wood parts laid out on a red carpet
Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good
  • Quality: In addition to being a very aesthetically pleasing wood tone, the frame itself once fully assembled is extremely sturdy. It doesn’t creak, wiggle, or feel unstable whatsoever. 
  • Other Notes: I wasn’t so sure about the stability of the thinner leg boards on this bed frame (I’ve only seen squared legs on platform beds), but I was pleasantly surprised to see them hold up just as well.

→ Shop the My Green Platform Bed from My Green Mattress

Other eco-friendly bed frame brands for sustainable sleeping

Parachute’s Horizon Bed Frame

Parachute’s Horizon Bed Frame with headboard
Photo courtesy of Parachute

What’s good: Parachute is a Climate Neutral-certified company, meaning it implements circular programs to offset its carbon footprint and emissions. Its materials are also sourced ethically and responsibly, partnering with Fair Trade and GOTS certified manufacturers. The company also partakes in a number of carbon offset projects and outlines long-term goals for sustainability and equity. 

Details: Parachute’s Horizon bed frame is the most expensive on our list, but it sure is pretty! Inspired by timeless natural design elements and made to pair perfectly with the Eco Comfort Mattress, the Horizon is developed in an American factory and made to last. 

This bed frame is created with kiln-dried hardwood and mortise-and-tenon joints designed to last a lifetime. It includes a subtle solid beachwood leg, and the piece is customizable with comfortable and natural linen cotton fabrics. It is also made without harmful chemicals and meets state requirements. 

Price: $2,700 for a Queen (Check current price)

→ Shop The Horizon Bed Frame by Parachute 

Wood Bed Frame by Helix

Wood Bed Frame by Helix
Photo courtesy of Helix

What’s good: Helix works to make sure your purchase is the right one, using sustainable and organic materials in both mattresses and bed frame furniture. All Helix items are 100% made in the U.S. and hand-assembled, and its Wood Frame is no different, sourcing certified materials from sustainable locations for a dependable and eco-friendly sleep. 

Details: Helix’s Wood Frame (which comes in white and natural wood colors) is a simple and modern platform bed. Made with Appalachian hardwood bed rails, Southern Yellow Pine slats, and Appalacian Maple legs, all wood materials come from Forest Stewardship Council-certified locations and are sourced from sustainable wood species. 

All wood finishes are water and UV-based with zero VOCs to be found. Constructed with durable wood materials, the Wood Frame is simple to build with tool-free assembly.

Price: Starts at $499 for a Queen (Check current price)

→ Shop the Helix White Wood Bed Frame

Avocado Malibu Bed

Avocado Malibu Bed with headboard
Photo courtesy of Avocado

What’s good: Avocado’s mission is to be one of the “world’s most sustainable brands.” All of its products come highly certified, and its factories and wood shops in Los Angeles are powered entirely by renewable energy. Additionally, Avocado is the world’s only Climate Neutral Certified bedding brand, and one percent of all of the company’s revenue goes to environmental nonprofits with the help of 1% For The Planet.
Avocado is also a certified B-Corp, making the company legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. 

Details: Their Malibu platform bed frame made with a high-quality maple hardwood. This design is also available in walnut wood, and no toxic glues or finishes are used in either style. Avocado also offers an optional 41-inch or 46-inch headboard that fits perfectly with any of the brand’s mattresses.

Every bed frame is made in Avocado’s clean energy-powered FSC-certified Los Angeles facility, combining craftsmanship with innovative climate responsibility. 

Price: Starts at $1,699 for a Queen (Check current price)

→ Shop The Malibu Platform Bed Frame by Avocado

Naturepedic’s Organic Foundation

Naturepedic’s Organic Foundation
Photo courtesy of Naturepedic

What’s good: Naturepedic’s environmental initiatives work to protect both the sleep environment inside our homes, as well as the larger environment of our living planet. This includes organic material sourcing, vigilant testing standards and certifications, and purpose-driven business practices, like renewable energy use, sourcing of recycled materials, advocacy of social causes, and more. 

Naturepedic has been recognized by over 30 independent organizations for its commitment to sustainable business and is a member of 1% for the Planet, Mattress Recycling Council, and the American Sustainable Business Network, among others. To learn more, check out Naturepedic’s most recent Sustainability Report

Details: Made with North American wood, organic cotton fabric, and extra slats for additional strength, Naturpedic’s Organic Bed Foundation uses no harmful chemicals or flame retardants for a comfortable, sturdy bed frame. By sourcing thoughtful materials and constructing a bed with additional strength, this frame adds years to your bed’s lifespan for continued sustainability. 

The bed foundation ships collapsed for easy transportation and assembly. It is also endorsed by GOTS, Greenguard, and MadeSafe. 

Price: Starts at $599 for a Queen (Check current price)

→ Shop the Organic Deluxe Mattress Foundation by Naturepedic

EcoSleep’s Reclaimed Railroad Track Bed Frame

EcoSleep’s Reclaimed Railroad Track Bed Frame
Photo courtesy of EcoSleep

What’s good: EcoSleep, a company by Brooklyn Bedding, provides sustainable solutions to bedroom furniture. Its mattresses and bedding accessories come highly certified, using quality, organic materials for a better night’s rest. 

Details: If you’re looking for something simple, affordable, and unique, this bed frame from EcoSleep is the one for you. Made with reclaimed railroad tracks (yep, you read that correctly), this bed offers durable design and zero sharp edges or motion transfer you might experience with other metal designs. 

Methane gas captured from nearby landfills provides a cleaner source of fuel to convert the railroad tracks into angle iron, allowing builders to use hardened steel and thoughtfully molded resins to manufacture the bed. It’s compatible with any mattress and most headboards (though it does require a box spring or foundation). EcoSleep also promises a tool-free assembly. 

Price: $175 for a Queen (Check current price)

→ Shop EcoSleep’s bed frame

The Bed by Thuma

The Bed by Thuma — with pillow headboard
Photo courtesy of Thuma

What’s good: Thuma uses environmentally-friendly, upcycled, and repurposed rubber wood from trees located close to craftsmen and factories. By using efficient material sourcing, Thuma minimizes the need for transportation and emissions.

Additionally, all products are packaged in recycled cardboard and protected with strategic design to remove the need for styrofoam packages. Lastly, Thuma partners with 1% for the Planet to ensure that one bed sold results in one tree planted. 

Details: The Bed by Thuma is a simple and sleek platform design using handcrafted, repurposed wood. Choose from either Walnut or Natural wood colors with no MDF or veneers. The bed also features a PillowBoard, which is a headboard alternative made with certified foams and a linen-weave cover

The slats of the bed are made with eco-fi felt made from recycled plastics and lock in place using Japanese craftsman techniques to avoid excess metal hardware. Easy to put together, and with pre-padded bottoms for floor protection, this bed provides comfort and support without damaging the environment. (The Bed is Greenguard Gold Certified!)

Price: Starts at $1,095 for a Queen (Check current price)

→ Shop The Bed by Thuma

Go above and beyond making your bedroom sustainable by checking out our guides to sustainable home goods and eco-friendly rugs.

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