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A lit massage candle in a small amber jar sits on a white countertop

Hands-On Review: Maude's Sex & Self-Care Products (2023)

Sex and intimacy are a huge part of self-care. That’s why we put Maude’s bath and body products to the test to review them for you.
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A hand holds up Maude's Drop device, next to its package and carrying case

Hands-On Review: Maude Sex Toys (2023)

Looking for some good vibes? We’ve got your back with a hands-on review of Maude’s sex toy collection.
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A hand holds up an amber bottle of lube from Maude

Hands-On Review: Maude Lubes (2023)

Finding the best lube can be hard. We’re here to help with this comprehensive review of Maude’s lube product line.
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3 Of The Best Vegan Chocolate Bars: Ghirardelli, Theo, Alter Eco.

24 Best Vegan Chocolate Bars for Plant-Based Cravings

Your guide to the best vegan chocolate on the market — so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the dairy or other animal products.
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Editorial illustration collage of TB under microscope, Cepheid test cartridge, a TB health advocate, and a John Green video thumbnail with the words "good news"

Danaher Lowers Cost of TB Tests After Pressure from John Green, Activists, & Orgs 

Danaher and Cepheid announced a 20% price reduction in their life-saving TB tests after a pressure campaign from advocates.
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An array of lemons, peaches, and limes sit on a tabletop next to a magazine

Free Lunch ATX: The Zine Project Feeding Austin’s Unhoused Communities

A group of creative activists in Austin creates a quarterly zine to fund the distribution of daily meals to the city's homeless community.
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Four images: Tuberculosis, John Green, Danaher's GeneXpert Machine, and Activist Typing

John Green & Grassroots Activists Pressure Danaher To Drop Price of Tuberculosis Test

“Since the mid-1950s, TB has been curable — yet we still allow TB to kill over 1.6 million people per year.” — John Green
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A cat sits in a cat cave, a white dog sits on a sidewalk, and a white dog with brown ears sits on a wood floor

42 Best Sustainable Pet Products for Dogs & Cats (2023)

Let's face it: We all spoil our pets. But it's important to consider our carbon paw prints when we do so. Here is a roundup of the best sustainable pet products out there!
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Blurry Gradient For Hispanic Heritage Month

24 Activities To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (2023)

Hispanic Heritage Month (or Latino Heritage Month) is a month-long celebration that kicks off on September 15th. We’ve put together great ideas to help you celebrate it...
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A flay-lay of socks, coffee beans, and soap

Good Store: Hank & John Green Launch New Charity Shop

Hank and John Green launched a store where you can shop and subscribe to their product lines — with 100% of profits donated to charity.
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