We help you find good news, celebrate good news, and become good news.

Good Good Good is the media company that helps you feel more hopeful and do more good.

About Good Good Good

Founded in 2017, Good Good Good is an independent media organization covering positive news and resources about the good in the world.

Since our founding, we’ve been highlighted by The New York Times, Mashable, The Washington Post, Miley Cyrus, and more.

In an effort to help our audience feel more hopeful and do more good, we create the Goodnewspaper: a monthly print newspaper filled with good news, the Goodnewsletter: a daily dose of good news in your email inbox, Sounds Good: a weekly podcast about making the world better, and, this website with daily good news stories and articles about how readers can get involved and make a positive difference.

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Mission & Vision

Good Good Good believes that a small community of hopeful people celebrating good news and actively working to do good can absolutely change the world. 

The world is filled with a lot of heartbreak, pain, and injustice.

Refresh social media  or your news app and you’ll see a new slew of cynicism and bad news. A lot of people, in their pursuit of feeling better, do one of two things:

They either pay way too much attention to the bad things in the world, and then completely burn out in a flaming ball of cynicism. Or they bury their head in the sand, completely shutting off bad news from the outside world, ignoring the injustices others face.

At Good Good Good, we reject those two responses and celebrate a third way. A third way that leads to genuine hope — not faux care or blind optimism.

When we see heartbreak, pain, and injustice in the world, we acknowledge and mourn it. Because it’s real.

But we never stay there. We then listen to the wisdom of Mister Rogers when he says:

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
Look for the Helpers - Fred Rogers

And so, we celebrate the people working to create solutions to the world’s problems — big and small.

And lastly, we never just stay there either. Because when we see a problem, and we find people creating solutions, we have no choice but to get involved and make a difference ourselves.

(Plus, there’s science that shows that taking action helps us feel more hopeful and continues the cycle of good)

At Good Good Good we help you find good news, celebrate good news, and become good news.

If you’re looking for a way to feel more hopeful and do more good without completely tuning out or burning out… you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to our scrappy community of hopeful do-gooders, dead set on filling the world with more good.

Together let’s celebrate good and do good.

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Who's on the Good Good Good team?

Branden Harvey - @brandenharvey

Managing Editor
Kamrin Baker - @kamstagrams

Goodnewspaper Art Director
Johnathan Huang - @jhuangstudio

Director of Community & Creative
Megan Burns - @meganburnsyou

Communications Manager
Margaux Madamba

Social Media Content Creator
Jessica Irvin - @jessicasirvin

Previous Staff Writers
Sara Li

Amanda Martinez Laurel

Kailey Thompson

Tyler Huckabee

Ria Bhagwat

Contributing Partners
We also partner with paid contributors, who write articles based on their expertise and lived experiences — and paid guest illustrators, who create our centerfold posters in the Goodnewspaper.

Contributing Writers
See all of our contributing writers here.

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At Good Good Good, we're intentional about ensuring you can trust our work. Good news should hold to the same high standards as traditional newsrooms. We're committed to the truth in our writing, making public corrections when we get something wrong, and always clearly communicating when we partner with brands.


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